Yellow Place

The color was the starting point to develop what is our YellowPleace, where two strangers, attract from each other, arrive quickly at the high point of the relationship. Dramaturgy is divided in three parts, as three stages of the growing up together.
The first real conflict occurs at the first consciousness of stability and harmony.
A side cares about himself and mirror each other gains strength double enough to be able to live the dual essence and keep dreaming with the now old presence. So, leading the puppet mental one as moving the other and is losing the sensitivity of his body. The viewer is given the option to create their own idea: you can grow old together; is real or is a figment?
We use dance as a tool to analyze our personality. As we change according to situations, such as changing our moods. It is easy to understand in relation to our body and so the expression becomes a pure language, simple, uncomplicated.

Dramaturgy: Paco Becerra
Cast: Mattia Russo Antonio de Rosa
Constumes: David Delfin
Light: Kor’sia
Asistente: Giuseppe Dagostino
Vídeo / Foto: Maria Alperi