Mirage Installation

Each word is like an unnecessary stain on the silence and the void.

May 18th, 2015

Like a mirror, a dark water tank reflects the darkened auditorium of Abierto x Obras and its visitors. There’s a wooden catwalk from which the audience can stroll around the beautiful object that is the stagnant water.

This artistic research project was specifically tailored to the cold room of the old slaughterhouse, understanding its relationship with the place as a dialogue with the physical space, but also with the context.
In this way, each word is like an unnecessary stain on the silence and the void, critically reflecting on current communication processes. “It is true that, thanks to new technologies, we have the ability to contact thousands of people in a way that is almost instantaneous. But, what is happening with communications? Why are laws cropping up to ban the flow of information between citizens? What bothers them more, trying to communicate something or bringing together the will of the people? Who’s afraid of the words “network” and “community”, asks the artist?
This is the reflection that inspired Mattia Russo and Antonio de Rosa to create Mirage.